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3BR/2 BA Home $475 MO

Beautiful Home - Amazing Yard

2,200 SQ FT in a great location

This gorgeous bungalow home has vaulted ceilings, jacuzzi style tub and a two car garage

Hardwood floors, Earth-tone paint and bright windows throughout!

3BR/2 BA Home $829 M/O

Beautiful Modern 50's Home

1,850 SQ FT in a great location

This home is located in a quiet lined street, gated golf course, and a fenced in yard

Hardwood floors, Modern look, and bright windows throughout!

4BR/4 BA Home $2,200 M/O

Beautiful 4/4/1 Home

2,300 SQ FT in a great location

3 Car Garage with New Kitchen, and a Pool!

Huge foyer entrance on ceramic tile. Fireplace, pool and covered patio with gazebo in backyard.

Rent To Own is a Cheaper Alternative to Renting

Rent to own is an ideal option for anyone that wants to get into a home today but can't get approved for a mortgage. Why waste money on a rental when you can purchase your own house?

In many cases, buyer's can't afford the down payment, don't have sufficient credit, or can't afford the monthly lease payment on a home. Rent to own is the solution.

How do Rent-to-Own homes work?
First, you have to find your dream home. Next, the renter (buyer) and landlord (seller) come to an agreement about how much the renter will pay each month to live in the house, and at the end of a set period - generally three years - they have the option to buy the house at a pre-agreed upon price.

Each monthly rent payment is allocated between income for the landlord and down payment deposit for the renter - these incremental payments add up in a separate holding account so that the renter can afford the down payment at the end of three years and realize their goal of home ownership.

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